The European Union in Turbulent Times: Challenges, Trends, and Significance for Israel
(L-R) Israeli President Rivlin meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Photo: European Commission.

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Prominent among the leading issues confronting the European community over the past decade is the migration challenge, which has sparked profound political disputes between and within the countries of the European Union. The waves of migrants have reignited xenophobic, racist, and anti-Semitic sentiments with new fervor, and led to the strengthening of nationalist and populist right movements. These trends have been aggravated as a result of terrorist actions motivated by radical Islam.

Changes in the international arena are also challenging the European community. The readiness of Russia to use military force has given new life to the threat o the Cold War. An increasingly powerful China is utilizing trade agreements to drive a wedge between European countries. Relations between Turkey and the EU are more and more strained,not unlike the suspicious relations between the European community and the Sunni Gulf states. These issues are particularly salient against the background of the growing estrangement of the United States, under President Trump, from the EU.

Despite progress in economic relations between Europe and Israel, the EU continues to adhere to its staunch criticism of Israel with respect to the Israeli-Palestinian conflcit. This near-automatic political orientation makes it difficult or Israel to regard the EU as an unbiased mediator, especially in view o the activity of the delegitimization movement against Israel and the awakening of anti-Semitism against European Jews.


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