The Impact of Covid-19 on Middle Eastern and North African Studies: A Curated Reading List (Updated – July 18, 2020) A check-point set up to regulate the coronavirus pandemic in the northern Israeli city of Tiberias. Photo Credit: Gil Eliahu

Ben Wax, Michele Freesman, and Ken Stein, ISMI and the Center for Israel Education

Think tanks, scholars and analysts are producing excellent assessments of the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic is and will have on Middle Eastern countries. The pandemic continues to dramatically disrupt the economies of Middle Eastern and North African states as well as their domestic and regional politics.  Israel closed for two months, then in early May reopened schools and business destinations. With surging numbers of cases iny early July, Israel has begun to shutdown again closing bars, restaurants, and restricted congregational worship sizes.   Earlier in the pandemic outbreak, Israel and the Palestinian Authority and Hamas in Gaza cooperated to slow the virus.  Emerging long distance learning in Egypt had a salutary impact on education: iPad and computer needs pushed internet growth and reliability. By early July, the Egyptian finance minister estimated that the pandemic would cost Egypt billions of pounds. Oil producing states that historically provided subventions and safety nets to Muslim neighbors and insurgency groups are hemorrhaging incomes as the price per barrel falls to unprecedented lows due in great measure to a world-wide economic depression. Operating under international sanctions, Iran’s economy teetered precariously with one of the highest per capita death rates from the pandemic worldwide. All agree that the pandemic has strengthened the controls of the security networks over populations throughout much of the region.  The number of monthly articles devoted to the pandemic was extraordinarily high until mid- June when the topic took a back seat to intense discussions on speculations about Israel’s possible annexation of portions of the West Bank. To secure a glimpse of the rich discussion of what is and what lies in store, the curated list of analyses of Covid-19’s impact on the region and on individual countries is provided. This is the fifth update since early April. This compilation is arranged most recent first; Our suggested use, download the list, then control+F to locate countries, etc.; *recommended.  (265 entries, March 6, 2020-July 18, 2020)

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