French Lawmakers Pass Resolution Calling Israel Hatred a Form of Anti-Semitism

Passing by a vote of 154 to 74 in the French Parliament’s lower house, the resolution comes as a response to Jewish communities across France (and Europe more broadly) experiencing a stark uptick in anti-Semitic violence, vandalism, populist rancor from the left and right, and general hostilities. Anti-Zionism is a common thread amongst many of these incidents. French President Macron’s centrist LREM party champions the resolution, which states, “…The National Assembly… believes that the operational definition used by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance allows for the most precise designation of what contemporary anti-Semitism is… It considers it an effective instrument for combating anti-Semitism in its modern and renewed form, in that it encompasses manifestations of hatred toward the State of Israel justified solely by the perception of the latter as a Jewish collective.” The Israeli government publicly praises the adoption of the resolution.