At 6:30am, on shabbat at the end of Sukkot, hundreds of Hamas terrorists infiltrate Israel by land, sea, and air. Entering communities in the south, they massacre entire families, brutally killing pregnant women and children, indiscriminately murder more than 280 attendees at a music festival and in one day kill more than 1,300 Israels.  Days later photos and videos reveal the scope of the Hamas brutality as they established “killing fields” plus the beheading and shooting of babies. Hamas takes an estimated 200 hostages and moves them to the Gaza Strip. Hamas also  launches barrages of missiles into Israel. Israel responds by pounding the Gaza Strip, prepares for a ground invasion to root out Hamas rule,  and forms a national unity war cabinet on October 12. The US shows unequivocal support for Israel. October 7 is characterized as the worst single day in Israel’s 75-year history.