A former Minister and Member of the Knesset, teacher, author and journalist, Sarid is born in Rehovot in 1940. Before going into politics, he is a journalist working as a reporter, anchor and editor at the Kol Yisrael Radio Station (Israel’s only radio station at the time). First elected to the Knesset in 1973 as part of the Alignment (former Labor) party (1974-1984), he helps form the Ratz Party (1984-1992) and then the Meretz Party (1992-2006). An iconic left-wing voice in Israel, Sarid, who likewise serves as Minister of the Environment (1992-1996) and Minister of Education (1999-2000), writes frequently and candidly about all things political, chiding where appropriate colleagues for corruption, ineptitude, and political expediency when tough decisions were avoided, and leadership was not demonstrated.