With all members of the opposition leaving the chamber, the Knesset votes 64-0 to pass a bill updating the wording of ‘Basic Law: The Judiciary’ and cancelling the Supreme Court’s ability to declare unreasonable governmental decisions and appointments. Israel has no constitution or structure of formal checks and balances. Since its government is synonymous with its ruling coalition, all of whom voted in favor, many Israelis see this bill, a plank in a larger proposed judicial overhaul, as threatening democracy, while others see the new law as correcting judicial overreach. Specifically, passage of the law means that the Supreme Court cannot apply the reasonableness standard to decisions made by any minister or the cabinet, including ministerial appointments of government workers. President Herzog and others worked on compromise proposals until the last minute but none changed the outcome. No new legislation will be possible until the Knesset returns in October after the summer and Jewish holiday’s break.