PM Netanyahu Publicly Accuses Iran of Breaking the 2015 Nuclear Deal

In a televised address, PM Netanyahu calls Iran out for “blatantly lying” about their nuclear activities before and since signing the 2015 Nuclear Agreement (JCPOA) with the P5+1 states (China, France, Russia, the UK, the US and Germany). Netanyahu’s claims were based on Israeli intelligence operatives securing more than 100,000 pages of data from Iranian sources. In context, the speech comes 10 days before President Trump’s deadline for deciding whether to pull out of the JCPOA. For his part, Netanyahu continued his fierce public opposition to the Iran deal, which included his addresses to the US Congress in March 2015 (source) and subsequently at the UN. EU Foreign Affairs High Representative Mogherini even stated publicly that Netanyahu’s claims were unfounded and didn’t lead her to believe that Iran was guilty of noncompliance. On the other hand, Sunni Gulf states see Iran as an imminent nuclear regional threat. Experts in the US and in Israel remain divided as to whether the agreement should be scrapped, retooled, or left alone. (source)