Palestinians’ “Great March of Return” on Gaza Border

From the end of March 2018 until May 15th, which marks Israel’s establishment and the date given to the Palestinian “Nakbah” or disaster, Palestinians from the Gaza Strip seek to breech the border with Israel. Organized by Gaza’s Hamas leadership, the protests challenge Israel’s sovereignty and American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. More than 60 Palestinians die in the clashes. No long-term breach of the border occurs, however, fire-laden kites and balloons are sent over the border fence, causing considerable destruction to Israeli forests and agricultural fields. Israel had unilaterally withdrawn from the Gaza Strip in August 2005, turning it over to the Palestinian Authority/PLO. Since June 2007, when Hamas militants seized control of the Gaza Strip, Hamas has engaged in three major yet short wars with Israel and regular missile attacks on Israeli civilian areas. Egypt and Israel control Gaza’s all access to the Gaza Strip