Since the Constituent Assembly and the First Knesset are unable to put a constitution together, the Knesset legislates basic laws on various subjects. The Thirteenth Basic Law of Israel is passed by the Nineteenth Knesset on March 12, 2014. This law requires that if a treaty is proposed for Israel to give up lands, specifically the Golan Heights and east Jerusalem, more than 80 MKs must support the treaty, which is ratified without a referendum. If 61 or more MKs support the treaty, then a public referendum will be held, where a majority of those voting must be in favor of the treaty proposing giving up lands. If fewer than 61 MKs do not back the treaty, then it will be rejected without the nation voting on it. Notably, the lands included in the treaty do not mention the West Bank. As a precedent, on September 29, 1978, the Knesset voted to approve the Camp David Accords, which included the removal of Sinai settlements that was completed in April 1982.