In early May 1967, Moscow circulates false reports that Israeli troops are massing on the Syrian border. Nasser, fearing that Israeli troops will also gather on the Egyptian border, feels compelled to uphold the mutual defense pact he maintains with Syria. On May 19th, the Egyptian President bans the 3,500 UNEF troops from Sinai so that he can mobilize Egyptian forces without interference. Nasser’s Vice-President, Zakaria Mohieddin announces, “It is high time to put a decisive end to Israel’s policy of bragging and arrogance.” It is promised to the Israelis in 1957, that the UNEF troops are not to be removed until consultation takes place at the Security Council; in this case, UN Secretary General U Thant makes an inexplicable executive decision and removes the UNEF peace keeping troops; the remilitarization of Sinai directly precipitates the June 1967 War.