The resolution focuses on Jerusalem, calling for the removal of 11 foreign embassies to Israel still located in the city. Just a month before, Israel passes a basic law, “Jerusalem,” proclaiming, “[Jerusalem] complete and united is the capital of Israel and the seat of the President, Knesset and Supreme Court.” The US, not supportive of Israel’s basic law and its implications, abstains from the vote, allowing the resolution to pass 14-0. Israel asserts that the UN resolution would not change Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s capital and seat of government. The Israeli foreign ministry releases a scathing retort to the resolution, stating that “the unjust and unilateral resolution of the UN Security Council… furnishes additional proof that the UN organization has been converted into an instrument in the hands of Israel’s enemies in their war against her existence and independence…. This resolution will encourage extremism, blackmail and incitement to war in international relations…” (source)