Strengthening military and intelligence bonds between the two allies, the Act comes at a time of a rapidly deteriorating security situation in the Middle East. The Act, which builds on previous strategic agreements between the US and Israel, is intended to further bolster the US’ financial and political commitments to Israel’s security. Iron Dome, Israel’s missile defense system, a joint project between the Allies, benefits greatly from the Act, which specifically allocates resources for the venture. Additionally, Israel receives extensions on US granted loans, allowing Israel to free up capital and barrow money at lower rates internationally. Benefitting both the US and Israel, the US Department of Defense is authorized by the act to expand its own military stockpile in Israel. This weapons cache is accessible to Israel under certain circumstances, and is essential to the IDF during the Summer 2006 war with Hizbollah. In December 2014, The “Act” is reaffirmed and expanded. Source