Economist Paul Rivlin of the Moshe Dayan Center and entrepreneur Moran Mizrahi, co-founder and COO of fintech startup Rebillia Platform, speak with CIE Vice President Tal Grinfas-David about the history of Israel’s economy, the workings of the Startup Nation, risks and opportunities in the future, and the Israeli mindset that makes it all possible. This 21-minute video was edited from a session recorded July 25, 2023, at the 22nd annual Enrichment Workshop on Modern Israel held by CIE and the Emory University Institute for the Study of Modern Israel. Resources for Further Study • “The Divided Economy of Mandatory Palestine” — • “Palestine Arab Economy Undermined by Disturbances” — • Record-breaking 2019 for economy — • Troubling trends — • Economic overview — • Video overview — • Bibliography — • Basic Law: State Economy — • College syllabi — • Middle East in past decade —