20th annual CIE/ISMI
Enrichment Workshop on Modern Israel

(Digital Workshop)
June 13 – 17, 2021
(Successfully Completed)

*Information regarding the 21st annual CIE/ISMI Enrichment Workshop on Modern Israel (Summer 2022) coming soon*

Steven Bayme • Alan Dowty • Tal Grinfas-David • Ken Stein • Ellen Nemhauser • Nachman Shai • Rachel Fish • Gil Troy • Debbie Sasson • Michael Berger • Michal Ilai • Eli Sperling • Michele Freesman • Steve Kerbel • Aaron Bregman • Rich Walter • Mauricio Friedman • Asher Susser • Jonathan Rynhold • Sarah Feuer • Yaron Ayalon • Gal Levy Ben Haim

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The CIE one-week workshop offers a comprehensive understanding of modern Israel and provides a wide array of tools for curriculum development and teaching. Workshop sessions are designed to reflect the needs of our participants, whether adding content or providing additional teaching ideas for curriculum and lesson plan development. The workshop is led by experienced curriculum, academic, and content specialists. Sessions are conducted from noon until 5:00pm ET on Sunday, and noon until 3:00pm ET and 7:00pm ET until 8:30pm ET, Monday through Thursday. Each day is filled with content, curriculum development sessions, and time for reflecting and processing ideas culled. We anticipate that each participant will complete the workshop with newly developed Israel curriculum materials. We recognize that this year with the current pandemic, there are greater limitations and circumstances that may prevent participants from attending all sessions live. For maximum benefit, we strongly recommend attending all sessions at their scheduled times in order to participate in discussions and collaborate with fellow educators. However, all sessions will be recorded and made available to registered participants, accessible through the workshop app.

Topics which may be covered in the workshop include: the Biblical Connections, the Origins and Development of Zionism, Politics and Leadership, Students as Critical Consumers, Experiential Israeli Learning, Discussing Sensitive Issues with Reason, Geography of the Conflict, Identity and Politics, Music and Culture, US-Israel Relationship, Israel and the World, Status of Arab-Israeli Negotiations, Citizenship in Israel, Digital Learning Tools, STEAM, Hebrew Language and Literature and more. Special emphasis is placed on strategies for incorporating materials into educational settings.
We encourage staffs of national Jewish organizations and educators who have a direct impact on students to apply for the limited number of available positions. The workshop is geared for educators working with students in 6th grade through adult education, though teachers of younger students are encouraged to apply.  Where possible, we encourage two or more members from an institution to apply.
Interested participants should apply by May 31, 2021.  Applications are accepted on a first come/first considered basis. Applicants must submit a $150 application fee (if applying by the early registration deadline of May 1, application fee is reduced to $75 per participant). A link to the online payment option is provided in confirmation email.

Complete and submit the Application Form.

Acceptance notifications will begin April 15, 2021.


For more information, contact workshop coordinator Heather Waters: Click Here

In 1998 at the request of the headmaster of the Greenfield Hebrew Academy in Atlanta, CIE/ISMI workshop Director Prof. Ken Stein was asked to assist in the construction of a course on modern Zionism/Israel for the graduating seventh grade. Over time the one-time engagement evolved into several day workshops about modern Israel’s formation, provided initially to Atlanta area Jewish teachers. By 2003, it had expanded to include teachers from around North America. In 2000, with his typical eager enthusiasm, Paul Reisman provided our initial grant for the first Israel education workshop. The workshops were organized by the Emory Institute for the Study of Modern Israel (ISMI) with all funding coming from private donors, including the Zedeck Family Foundation, Schusterman Foundation, Blank Family Foundation and Marcus Family Foundation. By July 2008, the Center for Israel Education (CIE) was created as a separate 501c3 entity primarily to choreograph the one-week workshops and engage in other Israel education outreach activity beyond ISMI.
In 2003, The AVI CHAI Foundation, under the distinguished leadership of Yossi Prager, approached ISMI/CIE to underwrite the funding of the workshops on the condition that half of the teachers attending the annual workshops were from day school settings. The Board of The AVI CHAI Foundation is thanked for the faith they had in our undertaking to increase Israel education. Thanks are offered to the innovative skills and collective educational guidance provided by Sally Levine, Tziona Zalkow, Abby Chill, Anna Hartman, Tal Grinfas-David and Rich Walter. Their classroom expertise was carefully blended with the incisive annual presentations by scholars from Israel and the US, which included Asher Susser, Reuven Hazan, Uri Bialer, Paul Rivlin, Michael Berger and David Menashri. Prof. Stein continues to anchor the modern history and international relations portions of the annual workshops. Throughout our broadening excursions into pre-collegiate and collegiate Israel education, ISMI and CIE were fortunate to have the unwavering support of the Marcus Family Foundation, and particularly its Executive Director, Jay Kaiman. Private donors and foundations that seek to retain their anonymity were zealous in their support of our work. These donors provided the means to travel across North America providing professional development days and congregational workshops. Through these experiences we listened to what teachers wanted and needed, which in turn helped shape portions of this website and constantly revise our annual one-week workshop.

 Digital Workshop | June 28 – July 1, 2020
History, Politics and Society of Modern Israel
(Successfully Completed)

Attending the CIE online workshop were 87 Israel educators from 16 states, Mexico and Guatemala: 43% working in day schools, 41% in supplemental settings, and 20% representing national and regional Jewish organizations. More than half the participants attended as part of a cohort from their school or community. The online workshop offered 49 sessions over four days, including panels, keynotes, breakouts, implementing and advising engagements, and networking opportunities.

Four presentation were livestreamed for the general public:

CIE/ISMI Israel Educator – Content and Pedagogy –Online Workshop – Four Day Schedule, June-July 2020

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