History, Politics and Diplomacy of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

An easy way to learn Israel’s history for personal use and the classroom. Our CIE source and document compilation, is easily searchable, an ebook. Highly praised by teachers at all levels, practitioners and casual users.

This compilation, in its third edition, includes 521 items/2140 pages covering the period from 1893 to February 2017. It includes accords, agreements, declarations, diary entries, memoranda of understandings, original archival materials, proposed initiatives and plans, press conferences, political statements, quotations from political principles, speeches, secret understandings, summit conference protocols, treaties, UN Resolutions, and more. Many of the entries are translated from Arabic, German, and Hebrew and appear in English for the first time. Included are thirteen maps covering the Ottoman period to the present. Divided chronologically into to six sections, each has a short historical introduction of important events of that particular period. The book’s introduction describes the four decades of source collection. Digitally searchable with easy individual document copying for class use.