Declaration — One School’s Approach

Pressman Academy in Los Angeles, part of CIE’s Day School Initiative, has graciously shared its Megillat HaAtzmaut and accompanying, grade-specific lesson plans for exploring Israel’s Declaration of Independence at Yom Ha’Atzmaut.

Reading of Megillat HaAtzmaut: Israel’s Declaration of Independence

Slides for a community commemoration

Slides for the classroom

Discussion Before Reading:

• Why do the Jewish people need a homeland?

• What does it mean to have a homeland?

• What should be said in Israel’s Declaration of Independence?

• Listen to the reading to see if your predictions are correct or what is different.

Discussion After Reading:  

• What did you notice about your predictions?

• What was the most important part to you about the megillah?

Related Topics:

Biblical connection of Jews to the Land of Israel

• Diaspora 

• History of Zionism

Theodor Herzl

British Mandate

• Holocaust

• United Nations

David Ben-Gurion

• Jewish-Arab relations

• Challenge of democracy in a Jewish state

• Jewish prophetic values of freedom, justice and peace

• Exile and redemption — Galut v’Geulah

For detailed lesson plans for Grades 3 to 8, click here

Megillat HaAtzmaut learning focus by grade:

• 3rd Grade: Connection to the land; exile from the land; prayers about the Land

4th Grade: Zionism; antisemitism and the Holocaust

• 5th Grade: British Mandate; United Nations; David Ben-Gurion

• 6th Grade: Freedom, justice and peace; challenge of equality

• 7th Grade: Arab-Israeli relations

• 8th Grade: Exile and redemption

Use this slideshow to accompany your lessons:

• 3rd Grade: Slides 1-18

• 4th Grade: Slides 19-29

• 5th Grade: Slides 30-40

• 6th Grade: Slides 41-51

• 7th Grade: Slides 52-62

• 8th Grade: Slides 63-70