“Thank you so much for such a fun and educational weekend at CIE! I really enjoyed your sessions, especially the immigration timeline and crash course on Israeli politics.” Hunter S., High School Senior, Alpharetta, GA

“I wanted to thank you and your team for such a great weekend. I learned so much that I can bring back to my community. All the sessions were very fun and interactive.” Rebecca W., High School Sophomore, Allentown, PA

CIE’s youth engagements provide participants with insight, knowledge and context about Israel’s history, politics and/or culture.  Rather than focus solely on advocacy training or teaching defensive tactics, CIE youth engagements provide participants with in-depth information, using contemporary data points and experiential methods. Our education team works with your youth group, camp or school to create a substantial learning experience unique for your organizational needs. Past youth workshops have been with audiences ranging from 18 to 250 participants and can be coordinated to take place onsite or virtually through the use of technology.

RootOne and CIE

CIE Teen Israel Leadership Institute

IDEAL: New digital learning program for learners aged 14 and up

CIE youth engagements can be conducted on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Israel as a Democratic and Jewish State
  • Diaspora Jewry and Zionism
  • Social Justice in the Jewish State
  • Making personal connections to Israel
  • Being a Critical Consumer of Israel in the Media
  • Understanding and Confronting BDS
  • Case Studies in Israeli Leadership
  • Developing Effective Israel Programming
  • Music as Reflection of Israel Culture

If you wish to host a youth enrichment program or workshop with CIE staff, please contact heatherwaters@israeled.org

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