Five months since Hamas brutally murdered 1,200 Israelis and others on Oct. 7 and kidnapped more than 240, Israel still seeks to balance freedom for all hostages with Hamas’ military and political destruction. Until the day that was the greatest shock in Israel’s 75 years, many Israelis were prepared to accept a compromise with Palestinians. Now two-thirds of Israelis and even more Palestinians reject any political compromise. With a final peace agreement seeming far away, how will Gaza be administered after the war? What roles if any will be played by the United States, United Nations, Europe, Israel, the Palestinian Authority and surrounding Arab states? Discussing Gaza’s political realities and constraints at our 21st weekly webinar March 6 are Kobi Michael of the Institute for National Security Studies; Shimon Peres adviser Nimrod Novik, now of the Israel Policy Forum; and returning webinar expert Ghaith al-Omari of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Moderating the discussion will be Dr. Ken Stein, CIE’s president and an Emory University emeritus professor of Middle East history, political science and Israel studies.