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Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to the Israeli Knesset

Sadat tells the Israeli people and world that he seeks a just and durable peace, which is not a separate peace, between Israel and Egypt. He equates statehood for the Palestinians as their right to return.

UN Security Council Resolution 242

The Resolution calls for unspecified Israel withdrawal from territories in return for right of all states to live in peace. It does not call for full withdrawal. It is the basis of Egyptian (1979) and Jordanian (1994) Treaties with Israel, and PLO (1993) recognition of Israel.

Entrevista sobre el interior de los acuerdos de normalización entre Israel, los Emiratos Árabes Unidos y Bahréin

Al reciente acuerdo de normalización entre Israel y los Emiratos Árabes Unidos y Bahréin. Sin embargo, el pensamiento regional convergente, los incentivos económicos y el comienzo de un cambio en el discurso acerca de que los judíos son indígenas de la región, significa que estos acuerdos tienen el potencial de impactar la trayectoria de Medio Oriente. ¿Cuál es el origen de estos avances?

#116 Contemporary Readings October 2022

Assembled by Ken Stein, Emory University’s Institute for the Study of Modern Israel and the Center for Israel Education November 3, 2022 Marie Abdi, “Where is the US’s red line on Iran’s protests?” Middle East Institute, October 24, 2022, AFP, “Algeria president urges Arab unity to confront ‘tensions and crises,” Ahram Online, November […]

Interview on Inside the Normalization Agreements Between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain

UAE and Bahraini ambassadors to the US provide incisively sharp assessments about why their peace accords unfolded with Israel in September 2020: to halt West Bank annexation, strengthen ties with the US, enhance national security purposes, and stimulate, if possible Palestinian-Israeli negotiations.

Forming a Nucleus for the Jewish State: 1882-1947

With 20 maps and prose, trace the progression of Jewish physical and demographic growth toward state building from 1882 to 1948 (25,000 to 600,000), with two-thirds in place by 1940.

Michael Jacobs, November Dates – an eventful month in the Zionist story

Michael Jacobs, November 4, 2022 From the founding of Petah Tikvah, through the Balfour Declaration and the U.N. partition resolution to Anwar Sadat’s address to the Knesset and the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, November has held a crucial place in the history of Zionism and Israel. What follows are some of the most important events […]

Gil Troy and Steven Bayme, “Diaspora-Israel Relations: What unites Jewish communities,”  July 25, 2022 (37:26)

Jewish Historians Gil Troy and Steven Bayme cogently discuss the ties and tensions between Jewish communities, primarily between American and Israeli Jews. This 37 minute video is entwined with extraordinary vivid insights.

Ken Stein Interview with Naftali Lau-Lavie, Jerusalem Israel

For years, Naftali Lau-Lavie worked closely with Moshe Dayan. His remarks here focus on Dayan as Menachem Begin’s Foreign Minister (1977-1979). He provides sumptuous detail on Dayan’s thinking and interactions with the Carter administration as it tried to force a Palestiinian/PLO state on Israel in seeking a comprehensive Middle East Peace.

Shamgar Commission Report on the Assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

The Israeli investigation concludes that Yigal Amir is Rabin’s assassin. The Commission does not assess the impact on the assassin of the vicious language directed at Rabin for signing the Oslo Accords.

Partidos israelíes presentan 40 listas para elecciones de noviembre en la Knesset

Israel el 1 de noviembre de 2022, es celebración de su quinta elección de la Knesset desde la primavera de 2019 y la 25 desde la fundación del estado en 1948. Los votantes se enfrentan a una nueva mezcla de opciones en las urnas, aunque los resultados nuevamente podrían dificultar que cualquiera forme una coalición de gobierno para enfrentar temas que van desde la política educativa el crimen hasta Irán y la guerra en Ucrania.

October 6, 1973 – Anwar Sadat and the Outbreak of the October 1973 War

Peter Rodman, as an advisor to Henry Kissinger had a front row seat taking notes on how President Sadat used the October War to break the logjam in Arab-Israeli negotiations.