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Israeli Prime Minister  Golda Meir Speech to the Israeli Knesset and Knesset Resolution

Prime Minister Golda Meir in her address to the Knesset since the beginning of the October War, recounts the war’s status on the Golan Heights and in the Suez Canal area. She reveals that an Israeli task force had crossed the Suez Canal and was fighting on the west bank of that waterway.

President Jimmy Carter’s Meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan

The vast gulf in US and Israeli positions about Palestinian self-determination, the degree of withdrawal from the West Bank, and future borders is precisely stated. A year later at the end of the Camp David negotiations, Israeli and US views had not changed at all.

#127 Contemporary Readings September 2023   

October 2, 2023 Assembled by Ken Stein and Wendy Kalman, Center for Israel Education 30 Years Since Oslo – Curated Readings, Center for Israel Education, September 2023. Ghaith al-Omari, “The Palestinian Authority, a Flawed but Necessary Legacy of Oslo,” Washington Institute of Near East Policy, September 7, 2023,  Ofer Ateret, “Golda Meir Was ‘Open’ […]

Ken Stein Interview with General Abrasha Tamir, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tamir was a 35 year veteran of the Israeli Army, attending all Egyptian-Israeli negotiations as a strategic planner. He stated that he thought the 1973 War could have been averted if Golda Meir had responded to Sadat’s pre-war overtures. He credits Henry Kissinger’s negotiating successes of the post 1973 war period as laying the basis for the successful 1978 and 1979 Egyptian-Israeli agreements.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the UN General Assembly

Addressing Israel’s fear of Iran’s access to nuclear weapons, the same point made by his predecessor Yair Lapid stressed in 2022 at the UN, Netanyahu like Lapid praised the Abraham Accords, noting in a quite unrestrained fashion that Israel was on the ‘cusp of a historic peace with Saudi Arabia.” The Prime Minister did mention support for a two-state solution with the Palestinians as Lapid had done previously.

Interviews with Dan Pattir, Media Advisor to Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Menachem Begin, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel

From 1974 – 1981, Dan Pattir served as advisor on media and public affairs for Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Menachem Begin. Prior to working for two Prime Ministers, he Pattir worked in the Israeli media, and here he recalls in detail how Kissinger maneuvered the Geneva 1973 conference to keep the Soviets out of decision-making. Likewise he was intimate with the negotiating details and personal relationships that unfolded between Egypt and Israel in that period, especially 1977-1979 including his rendition of the September 1978 Camp David negotiations. Pattir concluded that the Carter administration, no matter how long it earnestly tried, it failed to grasp that neither Egypt nor Israel, were going to allow other Arab states or the Palestinian issue to interfere with their eagerly sought mutually beneficial bilateral agreement, before, during or after Camp David.

William B. Quandt, “Kissinger’s Strategic Thinking During the October War, September 2013, Youtube (31:00)

Speaker: Prof. William Quandt, Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia The Yom Kippur War – A Launching Pad for U.S. Middle East Policy Conference held at the INSS, 10 Sep 2013

La Guerra de octubre de 1973

El 6 de octubre de 1973, Yom Kippur, el día más sagrado del calendario religioso judío, Egipto y Siria lanzaron un ataque sorpresa coordinado contra Israel. Sadat logró su objetivo de restaurar el honor egipcio recuperando una pequeña porción del Sinaí controlado por Israel.

The 1973 October War – A Short History

Egyptian President Sadat colluded with Syrian President Assad to attack Israel on October 6, 1973. Sadat’s objective was not to seek Israel’s destruction but to gain a limited success by crossing the canal. He also sought to engage American diplomacy to generate talks with Israel that would see Israeli withdrawal from Egyptian land Israel secured in the June 1967 War. Sadat took a large gamble by attacking Israel yet he unfolded a negotiating process with Israel that lasted through 1979. He achieved his overarching long-term priority of having Egyptian Sinai returned to Egyptian sovereignty.

30 Years Since Oslo – September 2023

This initial Oslo reading compilation was collected in 2018, to recall Oslo 25 years later; it was updated in September 2023. The compilation is of course not inclusive.  An effort was made to include items that are mostly online and items that provide a diversity of viewpoints. Active links for all the items are the […]