Resources for Teaching about Passover in Israel

Here is a list of resources for learning about Passover in Israel.  For each of the related topics, we are providing ideas for activities and distance learning opportunities, with the supporting links.  We hope you will find fun and meaningful ways of celebrating Israel and Passover, and please let us know if these sparked additional ideas and online engagements with your students!

Mimouna: As you watch the videos below and read the articles, consider the importance of customs and practices that are not in the Torah.  How is Israel’s history a part of its present and future?  What customs and practices are unique to your family during this time and how do they connect you to the Jewish people and to Israel?  Can you come up with a fun and unique way to celebrate the end of Passover?  What would this celebration include that would be meaningful to you and your community?  Explain the different customs and foods you would include and why.

Fun & Light-Hearted Articles: Read one or two articles, and then write your own article of 5 things you didn’t know about Passover in your home town.

Cuisine/Recipes: Explore Israel as an immigration country and a multicultural society through the foods of the holiday.  Post videos of yourself preparing food and trying new items this year.

Chol Hamoed Pesach Activities: Israelis typically enjoy the opportunity to hike nature trails and experience firsthand the special connection between the people and the land.  How can you show your connection to Israel while living outside of it?  What do you think will change this year?  Are there places of nature by you that you enjoy walking and connecting to nature?  When do you feel most spiritual?

Biyur Chametz (burning bread before Passover): As you watch these videos, think of safe ways and/or donation opportunities for your family’s chametz.  Post a video of yourself to the class site.

Kosher for Passover Restaurants in Israel: First, see how many there are!  Then, find Kosher for Passover places around you and consider: how does living in a Jewish country where Jews are a majority differ from living abroad as a minority?  Do you think being Jewish should involve active effort?  Why?  

Modern Music:  Choose a song to learn well, and sing it for your family this holiday!

Modern Passover Stories and Perspectives:  Read the articles below and consider how Passover is a meaningful celebration for all Jews around the world.  What would a video greeting from Israel to Jews around the world this year include?  Write the script/film the video and post it to your class site.