Curated videos and CIE webinars that explain evolution of the Hamas – Israel War.

11.22.2023  – Hamas-Israel War, Israel Border Regions and Turkey (Shai Feldman,  implications for ceasefire/truce; Israel civil society- personal reflections on living in Sderot, 2019-2022,  this is a path to where?); Yitzhak Reitert (Hamas use of Jerusalem,” civil society, how this ends?,); Alan Makovsky (Hamas and Turkey, Edogan’s motivations; US Congressional engagement)

11.15.2023 – Hamas and Unrest on Israel’s Border – The Homefront and International Responses (Sarah Feuer – Gulf State and North African country responses;) Matthew Levitt (Hamas tunnel warfare, it short and long term strategies, Hizballah does what?); Eran Lerman (Israel’s strategic objectives, decision making in war cabinet, without restored Israeli deterrence there are no negotiations into the future.

10.30.2023 — 18.00,  Israel – Hamas War – 2023 – Hamas hatred for Israel and Jews explained, the Iranian connection, Hamas and Israel’s objectives, reaction on American campuses, and possible diaspora Jewish responses, what lessons might be learned? Atlanta, Ga. (Stein) 

10. 28.2023 — 8:23,  State of Israel – Hamas War after three weeks, China Global Television Network (Stein)

10.11.2023 — 4:30, State of Israel – Hamas War after four days. China Global Television Network (Stein)

10.8.2023 — 13:00, Hamas Attack on Israel — background, WXIA Atlanta (Stein)

10.12.2023 – Intelligence Leaders View the Hamas-Israel War –  (1:26) Hayden Center Michael Morell, John Brennan, and Ellen McCarthy, former High ranking US Intelligence bureaucrats analyze how intelligence is gathered, the steps for analyses, and providing it to military and political consumers; what might have the Israelis overlooked?   

10.18.2023 –  Israel-Hamas War and U.S. Policy: An Update,  (1:20)Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Zohar Palti, David Makovsky, Grant Rumley, Ghaith al-Omari, Neomi Neumann. Views from Israel, the American military response – prospects, the Arab world in general and Palestinians across the Gaza Strip, West Bank and elsewhere.

10.12.2023 – The New Middle East: Hamas Attack, Israel at War, and US Policy,  (1:19) Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Robert Satloff, Ehud Yaari, Matthew Levitt, Neomi Neuman, Gaith Omari, crisp reviews of Israel and American responses, Palestinian engagement, and reactions from other Iranian allies. 

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11.8.2023 – Hamas Israel- Into the Second Month of the War, (Michael Eisenstadt – military strategy,Asher Susser – Regional, Jordanian and Palestinians responses; Itamar Rabinovich – US reactions, Syria, and tomorrow’s Israeli politics)

11.1.2023 — Regional Transformations: Great Power Chess and Israeli Volunteerism, Meir Litvak, Doron Shultziner, Jonathan Schanzer, and Ken Stein (Iran’s connection to Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel civil society responses).

10.25.2023 – Local, Regional and International Responses: Political Considerations, Public Reactions, and Military Replies, Steven Cook, Nachman Shai, David Menashri, Harel Chorev, Ken Stein (Geopolitical responses in the region, the views from Egypt and Turkey, Iranian connection to hamas and other insurgencies, and the composition of hamas).

10.18.2023 – Domestic Reactions, Regional Motivations and International Responses, Meir Litvak, Sarah Feuer, Amnon Cavari, Ken Stein (Hamas’s objectives, Arab regional responses, and views of American engagement).

10.11.2023 – The October 2023 Hamas Attack on Israel, Yaron Ayalon, Jonathan Rynhold, Ken Stein (what motivated hamas and how did Israelis and the US respond).

The Israel – Hamas War 2023 – Multiple Resources