How has Israel through its 75 years managed its relationships with superpowers, neighbors and other countries while trying to survive and thrive in an often hostile neighborhood? Why is the U.S. relationship essential? What is developing in Asia, including India and China?

An elite panel of practitioners and scholars examines the past, present and future of Israel’s involvement in the world at large:

• Aviv Ezra, a career diplomat in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the deputy head of its international development agency, MASHAV.

• Eran Lerman, the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security’s vice president and a former military intelligence officer and National Security Council deputy director.

• Alan Dowty, a renowned scholar of Israel’s foreign relations and a professor emeritus at the University of Notre Dame.

• Ken Stein, CIE’s founding president and chief content officer and a professor emeritus at Emory University.

This 35-minute video was recorded July 25, 2023, at the 22nd annual EnrichmentWorkshop on Modern Israel held for educators by the Center for Israel Education and Emory University’s Institute for the Study of Modern Israel.

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