Background/History of Hatikva
The creation of State of Israel must be understood in the context of Jewish history

Biblical Origins
The choice to engage in the Brit (covenant) forms lasting attitudes toward our Jewish peoplehood, Jewish homeland, and Jewish culture. (adapted from – People Make Choices. Choices Make History)

Building the State Before the State: Keren Hayesod Posters, 1942
Participation in community requires certain obligations and duties.

Israeli Artists and Poets – Creating a Class Coffee Table Book
Connection with the land, people, and history of Israel is an important component of Jewish identity.

Israel Lesson Plan
The Jewish Connection to the land has changed over time

The everlasting quest for Jewish sovereignty in Eretz Yisrael affected how Jews celebrated their holidays; it has shaped the way Hanukkah has been celebrated over time, religiously, culturally, and politically.