Background/History of Hatikva
The creation of State of Israel must be understood in the context of Jewish history

Culminating Activity
Israel is my home, a land of my past, a land that I connect to, a land so very diverse

Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael
The Biblical covenants create a foundation for the connection between Eretz Israel and Am Yisrael.

The Ethiopian Immigrant Experience
The journey from Ethiopia to Israel was difficult and dangerous.

Israel is the past, present, and future homeland of the Jewish people

Israel’s Independence Day
Connection to Israel and Judaism can be experienced through celebrations.

Kiryat Anavim, 1921
Immigrants to Israel in the 1920’s faced many difficulties and worked hard to build and develop the foundations for the Jewish State.

Teaching the Emblem of the State of Israel
The colors, symbols, and placement of symbols connects Israel to Jewish history, religion and values for peace, and the Hebrew language.

Eretz Yisrael/The Land of Israel
Israel is a country rich in history and culture, which is an integral part of our Jewish identities, and our feeling of connectivity to a Jewish homeland.