The land issue both originated and resides as one of the core issues in the Zionist-Palestinian conflict.

There are two parts to the land issue. First, how those lands that were formerly under the control of the Ottoman Empire were allocated at the end of World War I. That is, who divided it up, who was promised what, who did or did not receive what, and who governed it. What seems apparent from the 1939 British document is that Palestine was to be excluded from the independent area set aside for Arab independence after WWI; and, that Zionists acquired land to form a bare nucleus for a state by 1939. Arabs willingly sold land to Zionists from the 1890s through 1948. The evidence provided from Arabic newspapers and both British and Zionist sources show a regular stream of Arab land sales to Jewish buyers, not merely from Arabs who lived outside of Palestine, but likewise Arabs who resided in Palestine.