From one day to one week, CIE offers a variety of innovative workshops and interactive professional days on modern Israel. Join us as we partner with educators to change the face of modern Israel education!

One-Week One-Day Youth and Teen Enrichment Photos

One-Week Educator Enrichment Workshop on Modern Israel

CIE Teacher Enrichment Workshop on Modern Israel

An annual summer gathering attended by teachers from all across the United States and Canada. This intensive workshop is a great way for educators to be inspired and empowered to bring modern Israel into their classrooms.

The CIE/ISMI Educator Enrichment Workshop on the History, Culture and Politics of Modern Israel is a week-long summer opportunity for educators and educational leaders to deepen their understanding of Israel’s history, politics, economy and culture, while cultivating participants’ skills in classroom application and best practices. After collaborating with experts and peers, and honing their instructional practices, Teacher Workshop alumnus are uniquely positioned to foster understanding of the significance of Zionism and the State of Israel in Jewish and world history for generations of students.

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One-Day Workshops on Modern Israel

CIE One Day Workshop

A workshop that comes to your community for an exciting day of learning. This workshop gets participants thinking more deeply about modern Israel.

CIE’s one-day workshops are held in conjunction with local communal, school, congregational, and educational organizations and can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

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Youth and Teen Israel Enrichment Programs (TILI)

CIE Youth and Teen Workshop

CIE’s youth engagements provide participants with insight, knowledge and context about Israel’s​ history, politics and/or culture.

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Additionally, CIE provides multi-year initiatives, and consulting services/professional development.