The reactions to Hamas’ killing of 1,200 Israelis and others and abduction of more than 240 on Oct. 7 have rippled across Israeli society and left their marks on Israeli music, art and other aspects of popular culture. As Israelis cope with a range of emotions, memorials are being created, and documents and artifacts are being collected and preserved. Examining the cultural effects of the Israel-Hamas war are Dr. Arieh Saposnik of Ben-Gurion University, Dr. Susan Nashman Fraiman of Hebrew University, Dr. Eli Sperling of the University of Georgia and Naomi Schacter of the National Library of Israel. Moderating CIE’s 17th weekly webinar on the war Feb. 7 is Dr. Ken Stein, CIE’s president and an Emory University emeritus professor of Middle East history, political science and Israel studies.

Slides from webinar:

Arieh Saposnik – Israeli popular culture after October 7
Naomi Schacter – Four war Effort slides
Susan Nashman Fraiman – Culture during the war