Hatikvah —Background/History of Hatikva

The creation of State of Israel must be understood in the context of Jewish history

Balfour – Balfour Declaration, 1917

The contents of the 1917 Balfour Declaration became central to the international recognition of the right of Jews to establish a national home/state.

Biblical Connections —  Biblical Origins

The choice to engage in the Brit (covenant) forms lasting attitudes toward our Jewish peoplehood, Jewish homeland, and Jewish culture. (adapted from – People Make Choices. Choices Make History)

State Building – Building the State Before the State: Keren Hayesod Posters, 1942

Participation in community requires certain obligations and duties.

Israel’s Neighborhood– Confirmation Class

Living in a land surrounded by enemies

Land and People – Culminating Activity

Israel is my home, a land of my past, a land that I connect to, a land so very diverse

Biblical Connections – Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael

The Biblical covenants create a foundation for the connection between Eretz Israel and Am Yisrael.

Culture – Eretz Yisrael/The Land of Israel

Israel is a country rich in history and culture, which is an integral part of our Jewish identities, and our feeling of connectivity to a Jewish homeland.

Immigration – The Ethiopian Immigrant Experience

The journey from Ethiopia to Israel was difficult and dangerous.

Land and People- Group Study on Who’s Who in Israel’s History

A. Connection with the land, people, and history of Israel is an important component of Jewish identity.
B. The relationship with the land of Israel (biblical, historical, political, and mythical) has shaped the experiences of the Jewish people.

Hannukah – Hanukkah

The everlasting quest for Jewish sovereignty in Eretz Yisrael affected how Jews celebrated their holidays; it has shaped the way Hanukkah has been celebrated over time, religiously, culturally, and politically.

Ancient Hebrews – Hellenism’s Challenge to Ancient Judaism

Hellenism represented a major challenge to the cohesiveness of the Jewish community in ancient Palestine.

Land and People – Historical Jewish Connection to Israel

Jews have a connection to the land based on history

Diplomacy – History of the Jewish People

What drives Israeli Diplomacy?

Holocaust —Holocaust Memory in Israel

Remembering without vengeance

Homeland – Homeland

Israel is the past, present, and future homeland of the Jewish people

Biblical Connections – Integration of Bible and Israel

God promised the Land of Israel to the Jewish people.

Media Bias Investigating Media Bias against Israel

For a variety of reasons, media sources have adopted a rigidly negative (or positive) narrative about Israel irrespective of the truth/full story.

Identity – Israel and Jewish Identity

Israel was made as a place where I can identify with my Jewishness.

Declaration of Independence —Israel Seminar

The Declaration of Independence establishes the State of Israel as a Jewish democratic state, incorporating universal values.

Geology —Israel Through Art Environment

A. Geology of Israel influences artistic expression.
B. Our homes have emotional connections which influence artistic expression.

Independence Day —Israel’s Independence Day

Connection to Israel and Judaism can be experienced through celebrations

Land and People —Israel Lesson Plan

The Jewish Connection to the land has changed over time

Land and People – Israel’s history: ancient through first Aliyah

Throughout history the Jews have had a connection to the land of Israel. Even in exile, Jews found ways to remember Israel.

Borders and Security – Israel’s Security

Secure borders in the land of Israel are essential to its existence

Artists  – Israeli Artists and Poets – Creating a Class Coffee Table Book

Connection with the land, people, and history of Israel is an important component of Jewish identity.

Declaration of Independence —Israeli Declaration of Independence

A. Connection with the land, people, and history of Israel is a core component of Jewish identity.
B. The creation of the State of Israel must be understood in the context of Jewish and world history.
C. Understanding that Zionism has changed Jewish history presents opportunities for reflection on Jewish peoplehood, connection of the land, and Jewish identity in modern times.

Leadership – Israeli Leaders

Jewish leaders played a significant role in the establishment of Israel

Leadership —Jewish “Superheroes”

Learning about Jewish “superheroes” who were essential in creating the State of Israel

Chronology – Jewish History

A basic chronology of Israeli-Arab conflict between 1917 and 1967

Declaration of Independence  —Jewish History/Israeli History

The Declaration of Independence/Statehood was the end of one stage of Israeli history and the beginning of another.

Kiryat Anavim, 1921

Immigrants to Israel in the 1920’s faced many difficulties and worked hard to build and develop the foundations for the Jewish State.

Land Purchase —Land Purchase as the Zionist mean to develop the State

Land purchase in Palestine in the 1920s was strategic and led to the successful creation of the State.

Borders —Origins of Israel’s Boundaries from 1930s-1948

Israel’s borders in 1948 were directly impacted by strategic land purchases.

Negotiations —Netanyahu’s Speech at Bar-Ilan University, 2009

The two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict has many complex layers and unresolved variables that have prevented it from becoming a reality.

Land Purchase —The Political Significance of Land Purchase

To make the Jewish State a reality, Zionists needed to both attract Jewish immigrants & connect them with the land in Eretz Yisrael.

Declaration of Independence – Religion and the Declaration of Independence

There is a religious undertone to the Declaration of Independence that is consciously hidden due to secular pressure.

Hebrew Language  —Role of Hebrew Language in the Identity of a Nation in Exile

Language is a binding force that maintains identity (and can facilitate or be a component of redemption).

Land and People – Settling the Land in Eretz Yisrael in the 1930s

The establishment of and settling in different places in Eretz Yisrael is a combination of the ideology of the Olim and the policy of the JNF (KKL)

Symbols and Emblems —Teaching the Emblem of the State of Israel

The colors, symbols, and placement of symbols connects Israel to Jewish history, religion and values for peace, and the Hebrew language

Nation Building  – Values in Nation building

Building a nation requires solidifying certain values

Water —Water

Israelis are aware of the water shortage in Israel and have developed various ways on a personal level to conserve water.

Women – Women and the Growth of Modern Israel

Women had and continue to have critical roles to play and a variety of experiences in the growth of modern Israel